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On this page you can read a review on the budget-priced, but brilliantly performing RT84 by Retevis.
There is also a video being prepared about the radio review, as well as some tutorials about how to make the most out of the RT84, which will appear on my Youtubechannel in due time.

I was looking for an affordable, yet decent DMR radio which would serve me indoors, outdoors and under all sorts of conditions.
After following some reviews and looking at various points of sale, I came across the RT84, and not only was I very impressed with the performances I saw from it, but I could not believe it was possible for it to be sold at such a low price.
The radio arrived from China after less than two weeks, it was well packaged and I was quite happy with what I found inside the box too.
The radio came with all the accessories (see picture below) and even a cap was included.

The radio has a strong and sturdy build and a large speaker on the front which sounds crystal clear.

There is also a large colour screen that can be kept on permanently (in the settings you have different options for how long you want the screen to stay on for). I leave my screen on permanently as it does not seem to drain much of mthe battery and it is easy to see when a transmission comes in.

There are three programmable buttons on the side of the radio, These can be programmed via the free software from the Retevis website.
There is also the rubber-covered PTT button which gives a nice feel to touch.

There is a 2000 MAh battery on the radio which lasts a reasonably long time.
On top of the radio you find the channel selector and volume knobs (as standard on most radios).

The included manual is quite well written and it is quite easy to find exactly what you are looking for.
Although, since this was my first ever DMR radio I had ever had, I had to do a bit of asking around, but the RT84 is so simple to operate, I managed in a very short time and i will no longer be needing the manual anymore.

The radio has not got a single problem connecting to repeaters first time and also works together brilliantly with hotspots. An added bonus is that, while on a hotspot, you can leave the radio on low power, thus saving even more battery.

Furthermore, the latest programming software and firmware for the radio is always available completely free from the Retevis website.

There will be a video on my Youtubechannel shortly, explaining the functions of the RT84.

Thanks to Retevis you can get into DMR for next to nothing, DMR is really an incredible and affordable model and well recommended for everyone to try.

Some of the specs of the RT84:

Output power: 5W/1W
VHF:136-174 MHz UHF:400-480 MHz
3000 Channels
10,000 Contacts
250 Groups with 32 possible contact members per group
2000 MAh Battery.

The RT84 comes with these accessories as standard:

The two-way radio
The antenna
The battery
The adapter
The charger
The belt clip
The hand strap
The user manual
The ear piece.

Conclusion: If you want a cheap, reliable and excellent Dual Band DMR & FM radio, then the Retevis RT84 is for you.
The radio is currently available directly from Retevis for $86.99. a price you definitely cannot go wrong for.
After having owned and used this radio for some months now, I can say I never had any problem with it, I have done some excellent QSOs on it, so I would highly recommend it.
If you want further details, or you want to buy the radio, go to .

Review by Frankie, M6VMO