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I am Frankie Deschacht, also known as Radio Amateur M6VMO. I live in Berkshire, England.
Many years ago, I used to be on the Citizen's Band (CB), or, in more technical terms, the 27 Mhz or 11 meter band. However, the more time I spent on there, the less satisfied I got with this medium and my equipment ended up in the cupboard.

TI then decided to move towards the study for the exam for Radio Amateurs.
Not long ago, I sat that exam and passed it, which made me end up with a HAM Radio license which allows me to transmit on the Radio Amateur bands. That means HF, VHF and UHF, eg. the 2 meter band, 70 cm band, 4 meter band, 40 meter band, 20 meter band and more.
Apart from voice transmission I am also allowed to communicate in Morse code.

With this switchover I obviously had to buy all new equipment, as CB material is not suitable to use in HAM radio communication. You can read more about that on th other pages.
Now I am building up my "arsenal" bit by bit, as you cannot exactly call my new hobby cheap.
Fortunately there are bargains to be found here and there and you can also build antennas easily and cheaply.
This was a bit about myself. The rest you can read elsewhere on this site.